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was established in Hong Kong SAR, in 2008.

As a Network Support Company, we are in a position to offer on going specialty support service to our customers."Tetra" has earned reputation in the provision of services and products that not only achieve technical excellence through innovation, but are also based on solid business and principles, specifically geared towards the new technology world.
Our drive for innovation and excellence as well as our commitment to quality and service has led "Tetra" to a reputation among one of the top in this industry and that is a reputation we strive to maintain with customer that entrust us with their ongoing support needs.


Our Technical Skills


Mojo Networks Certify Engineer Certifications


Juniper Wireless LAN Network Administrator Certifications


Alcatel Lucent, ACSE-VitalQIP IP Address Management

Domain Name Server, Nominum CNS/ANS Certify Technician


Red Hat Certified Technician


Cisco Certified Network Associate


Microsoft Certified Professional


Trend Micro Certify Administrator

  New Product


Bluetooth Smart BLE Gateway


BLE-01 Bluetooth Smart BLE Gateway support collecting Bluetooth Smart end devices’ data and transmit them to the BLE server through internet. It allows Bluetooth Smart end devices to be used in home/building automation and retail environments.

Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 standard
Up to 30 meter Bluetooth range
Data Output Format: Json
WebGUI configuration
Support DHCP & NTP
Support BLE end device filtering
Support PoE/PD Power input
Support HTTP POST to relay reports to server
Operation temperature: 0~40 degree


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